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 The Perfect Script

Personalized Wedding Scripts


See that guy there? No, not the one in the blue suit marrying the woman who's clearly out of his league. (Me, by the way.) No, I mean the handsome fella circled in orange. The one officiating the ceremony. That's my wife's cousin, James, way back on June 25, 2016.

Was James a professional officiant? Nope. Not even close. But we chose him anyway. Partly because he's funny and charismatic. Partly because he had access to that great seersucker jacket. But mostly because we love him. And he loves us. Which just might be the most important thing.


The wedding script he read was the first one I ever wrote. It got compliments as the best ceremony attendees had ever seen. And it inspired me to write ceremonies for anyone else who wants to include their loved ones in the biggest day of their lives.

Why Personalize Your Officiant?

Unofficial Officiants

Jenny and Mason Wedding Ceremony.JPEG

Lindsey is one of Jenny and Mason's very best friends.

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