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My Toast for James and Rachel's Wedding_edited.jpg

To The Happy Couple...

That's me there. Just starting a toast at my brother's wedding. I'm pretty nervous. And why wouldn't I be? Public Speaking is among everyone's greatest fears for a reason.


I'm trying to hide my nerves, but the signs are all there. Eyes down, reading my speech from an iPhone. Shoulders tense, white knuckling the microphone. Plus my back is spasming like I'm being tased. I am not a great public speaker. 

But as the words came out...

Wedding Toast Reaction 1

...something happened.

Wedding Toast Reaction 5

Something magical.

Wedding Toast Reaction 2

People started to cheer...

Wedding Toast Reaction 6

...and laugh...

Wedding Toast Reaction 3

...and LAUGH.

Wedding Toast Reaction 4

And someone even cried.

And My Nerves?

They just sort of drifted away. I may not be a great public speaker. Or at least I wasn't then. I've gotten much better since forming this company. But I am a GREAT writer. Especially when it comes to humor. And emotion. And voice.

And that's what a great wedding toast is all about. Telling your loved ones how you feel, while sounding like the best version of you

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